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Even though it appears that Prince Andrew was deliberately entrapped as part off Epstein's intelligence-linked intimate blackmail operation, the article next shows that Andrew's involvement with the newest minors rooked from the Epstein went far beyond their so-called three experience which have Giuffre.

Rosser quotes a buddy out of Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriend Sara Ferguson due to the fact proclaiming that Andrew “had previously been se straight back of overseas.....He even excursion overseas with his very own massage therapy bed mattress.”

During this same time period, Epstein and Maxwell including introduced Prince Andrew to help you “sex support business person” Christine Drangsholt during a trip to Mar-a-Lago and you can describes Andrew visiting Los angeles, in which he had cuddli profil arama been seen “flirting...which have a group of young girls,” in order to Phuket, Thailand in which he “went around the intercourse bars from the area's red-light section.” The new Los angeles travels spotted Andrew with musician and you will close buddy from Michael Jackson, Brett Livingstone Solid, and you can Ghislaine Maxwell used Andrew in order to Thailand.