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The brand new uv spectra away from 2201 Oljato (taken up October

Additionally, prejudice and you can flat-job frames and additionally exposures from a FeNe testing light to possess wavelength calibration and findings many spectrophotometric standard stars and you may solar analogs was in fact gotten to allow the brand new flux calibration therefore the approximation of your continuum. The images were flux calibrated and higher limitations towards production pricing of your about three radicals within the 2201 Oljato and you can P/Wilson-Harrington was indeed determined and you can opposed. Likewise, the new spectral reflectance of your continuum as compared to a solar power analog in your neighborhood anywhere between 3240 Angstroms and you can 6160 Angstroms could be discussed both for items. The top limits on the production rate of one's OH radical deterrnined for all about three objects would be opposed and you may discussed. Sadly we can not is an analysis of your continuum from the uv, because apparent magnitudes of your things just have already been between 18^yards and 17^yards and also the restricting magnitude to possess identification away from continuum on IUE try of your own acquisition from ten^yards.

The outcome would-be together with talked about because so you can needed future findings

The newest testing out-of 2201 Oljato and you will 1566 Icarus having Comet Wilson-Harrington, at which we understand that it's at least an inactive comet, suggests hope for clues towards the matter whether or not 2201 Oljato and you will 1566 Icarus might possibly be extinct otherwise dormant cometary nuclei. Chamberlin A good. B.* McFadden L. An effective. Schulz R. Schleicher D. G. 2201 Oljato and you may 4015 Comet P/Wilson-Harrington: Look for CN (0-0) Ring Emission 2201 Oljato is actually a planet-crossing asteroid which may have evolved of both a portion of the asteroid strip or the tank regarding quick-period comets into its most recent, dynamically unpredictable, globe crossing orbit.